Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What is ALICE?

Alice (Click the Title of this post to follow my referral link to the site) is a new way to shop for household items. They have pretty much every conceivable non-grocery consumable you would use in your home (trash bags, diapers, deodorant, soap), and a lot of pantry grocery items (tea, coffee, granola bars). Their prices are comparable to Walmart--some are slightly higher, but since you save gas, time, and frustration by NOT having to drive to walmart, it works out better in my opinion :D. Of course, some items can occassionally be found in brick and mortar stores at a better price when you combine coupons and sales, but they have their OWN coupons as well, and the items with coupons tend to be really really good deals. I suggest anyone shopping there go to "other ways to shop" in the tool bar at the top of the page, and choose 'shop the best deals'. This gives you a list of the 50 best deals (based on percentage off) on the site. I recently got jumbo packs of Huggies for $3.49 each, a price I have NEVER gotten in a brick and mortar store (I have gotten a similar price on Pampers, but that was well over a year ago with a Target super sale, and I haven't been able to replicate it :( . )

It should be noted that the coupons are limited use--usually only one or two uses per customer. This keeps people from buying all of the available items before anyone else gets a shot at them, so while I'd rather be able to buy 20 packs of cheap diapers, I'll settle for one or two. Still, though, this site could be a great time and money saver for busy frugalists!! :D

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