Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Alice is INCREDIBLE!!!

I just can not say enough good things about this site!! But rather than go on and on about it, I'll give a summary of the four orders I've placed over the past week.

Order #1
1 Huggies wipes (2.80 - 1.50 Q)
2 Lady's speed stick deodorants (1.58 - 1 Q each)
1 Dentek Dental Flossers (3.29, no Q--we LOVE these)

Total: $9.25 - $3.50 Q + $1.06 Tax = $6.81
(I should note that this order originally contained two packs of diapers. Alice cancelled that portion of the order due to being sold out and sent me a $5 gift card to use on a future order. However, it looks like they charged tax on the original total--I'll need to email them about that )

Order #2
2 Huggies Jumbo packs diapers (9.69 - 6.20 Q each)
2 lady's speed stick deodorants (1.58 - 1 Q each)
1 men's speed stick deodorant (1.86 - 1 Q)

Total: $24.40 -$15.40 Q + $0.53 Tax = $9.53

Order #3
2 Bounty Paper Towels single rolls (0.84-0.50 Q)
1 Mean envelopes 50 count (0.85 - 0.50 Q)
1 White Rain Body Wash (0.97 - 0.50 Q)
1 Kleenex Tissues (0.98 - 0.50 Q)
1 Softsoap Hand Soap (1.06 - 0.50 Q)
1 Jergens Hand Wash (1.16 - 0.50 Q)
1 Ajax antibacterial dish soap (1.10 - 0.50 Q)
1 Downy Wrinkle Releaser, full size bottle (1.59, no Q)

Total: $9.39 - $4 Q - $5 gift card (from order #1) + $0.33 Tax = $0.72

Order #4
1 Downy Wrinkle Releaser, travel size (1.59 - 1 Q)
2 Suave Shampoo (1.10 - 0.55 Q each)
5 Tide In Wash Laundry booster (3 different types, 3.36- 1.50 Q each)
2 Dawn ultra concentrated Dishwashing liquid (1.34 - 0.55 Q each)

Total $23.27 - $10.70 Q + $0.75 Tax = $13.32

GRAND TOTALS: $66.31 - $33.60 Q + $2.67 Tax = $35.38 - $5 Gift Card = $30.38!

And best of all, as far as I'm concerned, those prices include shipping. So I saved time, gas, money, AND the headaches of shopping with two toddlers and a preschooler. What could be better than that?

If you sign up via a referral link like this one, you will get a $10 gift card added to your account once you have spent $50. And the $50 total is PRE-coupon--I have already qualifed for my gift card, even though I have really only 'spent' $30.38 of my own money. Pretty sweet deal :D

If you haven't tried Alice yet, it really is simple. Go Here , create an account (it takes about a minute) and start shopping. I always go to 'other ways to shop' in the upper right corner, then choose '50 best deals' from the drop down menu. After I choose which of the best deals I want I use the room by room or the search function to find any other products I need. This new site is going to revolutionize the way we shop for household consumables, I'm sure of it!

*A word about Alice coupons (which I have notated with a Q in my order summaries). Alice coupons are applied automatically when you place an item with a coupon in your shopping cart. However, they are limited use--usually only once or twice per customer. You may purchase as many items as you wish (for example, you can buy 10 packs of diapers) but if the coupon is limit one, you will only get one discount, the other items will be regular price. This allows more buyers to get in on the deals. It's a little bit frustrating to only be able to order one or two of an item I really want, but if it were unlimited, the first few people to find the deal would buy the entire stock, so this way is a little more fair.

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